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Here at OC Chiro, we have patients that have sought us out for just a few visits to achieve relief, and others that are looking for a Chiropractic home. Our goal at OC Chiro is to get to know each patient as an individual and have a true understanding of their Chiropractic needs and expectations. Whether you are a one visit patient, a patient that only treats a few times or a long term patient that treats on a regular treatment schedule, our office is here to make your Chiropractic experience a pleasant one. Take a look at the testimonials we have gotten from our wonderful patients, what type of patient will you be?

Patients who have treated One time

I have been coming to Dr. Reese for about a year now.  I used to suffer from regular migraines and shoulder and back pain. Talk about a mess! I hate to sound like a midnight infomercial but, HE IS GREAT AND HE FIXED ME!  I visit every 8 weeks for maintenance as I spend hours working over people. Dr. Reese is truly gifted and has helped my whole family with different issues.  He even gives you stretches and exercises to do between visits to help heal yourself.  I am so grateful for him and always make sure to tell everyone about his healing hands. 

Thanks Doc, you are the BEST Greg, O.

I have been seeing Dr. Reese for over 1 year but never thought to mention my ongoing TMJ and jaw pain related to stress to him. But last week it was bothering me so much, I told him about it. He worked on it once and I had immidiate relief!

Thank you Dr.Reese

Melissa C.

Dr. Reese was very knowledgeable in his craft.  He made me feel extremely comfortable.  This was only my second adjustment ever.  He found a few things that were out of line causing me pain and he did his thing to remedy them.  I have suffered from migraine headaches all my life and when he reset my neck I have not had even a minor headache.  Thank you so much for caring about your patients!

Greg O.

I hurt my back working out and Dr. Reese was a life saver. I only needed a one time adjustment and he was able to fix my back in a single session. He provided me stretches and tools to keep it from happening again, and sent me on my way. I feel fantastic and I know if I ever need another single session, he is more than willing to help. Thanks Dr. Reese you are the best!

Kelsey G- San Clemente, CA

I suffered from low back pains for a whole week, which caused lack of sleep and discomfort. Now, my back is better than ever,  after just ONE visit I am able to go back to my daily routine without any distress. Dr. Russell Reese is wonderful. He was able to fit me in his busy schedule the very next day. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Reese in specializing in chiropractic's and very  pleased with my results. I can definitely say that I'd recommend Dr. Russell to anyone. Thank you again!  Lakisha B - Huntington Beach, CA 

I had a lot of pain in the middle of my back along with a bump that I was unsure of and was referred by a friend to Dr. R. I live in Laguna Niguel, so not that far but was assured it was worth the little drive. During my appointment i was adjusted and was shown certain stretches to do to relieve the pain. Dr R also applied heat then cold compresses. Sure enough it worked and was definitely well worth the venture. I have had no pain since and the bump is gone. I recommend Dr R for all for any chiropractic needs. He is professional; the office is very clean and peaceful. Definitely give him and his practice 5 stars!! K.D Laguna Niguel, CA

Thank you Dr. Reese! I am so grateful for the treatment I received from you. When my back went out at work I thought for sure I would be shouldering the hefty burden of a back surgery. But after ONE adjustment and the subsequent stretches you assigned me, I was back to work 3 days later. I've rarely gotten such complete, accurate, and helpful treatment for any ailment. I only wish I'd met you sooner. I can confidently recommend you to any person for any back problem. I will continue to refer people to you. Again, thank you! Joslyn L Costa Mesa CA

I treated with Dr.Reese ONE time for back pain and numbness in my right leg. Dr Reese did not treat me but instead recommeneded that I go to the Emergency Room and get an MRI done. I went and got the MRI done, it revealed a massive buldge at L5. I was referred to a Spinal Surgeon to discuss options. I was boarderline for Caudia Equina syndrome, thus the possibility of surgery. Beacuse I am boarderline, I opted out of surgery and will go to PT. Dr. Reese was professional and very helpful. I'm very glad I did not wait any longer for the MRI. I would recommend OC Chiro to my friends and family.

K.H. Huntington Beach, CA

I treated with Dr. Reese ONE time for Neck pain that I had been having.I felt better right away and am very happy with the treatment I received. I would most definitely recommend Dr.Reese to my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Reese!

Tisha B. Huntington Beach, CA

OMG, I feel so much better already. My head feels like it's sitting way farther back where its belongs. You Rock!

Brian C. Huntington Beach, CA

Patients who have treated just a few times

OC Chiro is such a great experience! Went in for a correction. Making an appointment was super quick and easy, and going in was the same. Dr. Reese is very helpful and friendly. He gave me great directions after my adjustments. Annie's been great with her follow up and checking in. I'll definitely be going back for any further chiropractic needs.

Alayna F.

I Jumped today with zero extra support. doesn't  hurt at all! So happy! going to ice when I get home. Thank you so much, this is the first time I could compete the whole season and not be in pain.

Owen O Huntington Beach, CA

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Reese to anyone. Totally amazed that Dr. Reese so quickly and easily found the weakness in my back. It only took Two visits and some easy stretches that Dr. Reese provided and I was back to normal. Annie was also so helpful with directing me through the website forms.Thank you both.. Sincerely Justin L

Over a period of weeks, a very small pain in my arm worsened into overwhelming pain. One of my co-workers called Dr. R and strongly encouraged (forced) me to go see him that morning. It was my first visit ever to a chiropractor. I was anxious and in a lot of pain. Dr. R was so compassionate, thoughtful, and methodic. He quickly deduced the source of my injury and developed a step by step plan. When I left his office, half of the pain and all of the anxiety were gone. After 4 peasant visits, the pain is gone. I am so thankful for Dr. R's experience and his approach to care. Melisa Pence Newport Beach CA

Hi Dr. Reese! I just wanted to say thank you for being so awesome! My back/hips are  95% better. Thank you and God Bless You!   Shannon T. Santa Ana, CA

Dr.R Is a great guy. He's direct to what is your issue he will recommend something only to help you. There is no pressure to make return visits like most Chiro places that only care about returning customers. He is there to get you better an even will teach you stretches to prevent further injury. Since seeing Dr. R I have lost the pain in my target area and with his stretching plan I use I have not had a reoccurring injury. You get alignment if needed, he will properly stretch you and then apply heat to the areas of concern. All in all Dr. R is affordable and respectful and by that I mean he doesn't call you pressuring a reschedule and he honestly is here to help keep you OUT OF HIS OFFICE, strange I know. But that's what a GREAT physician does. I recommend you treat yourself to a little heaven. Jae B. Garden Grove CA

I'm a runner and have needed to see Dr. Reese several times over the past few years due to hip and leg pain. Dr. Reese was able to help me out and within 1-2 visits I felt relief. What's impressive is that he took the time to explain my problem to me and gave me stretches to do at home which helped me to stay injury free. He has also treated my husband for lower back pain and has seen my 10 year old daughter for a back injury. She felt at ease with Dr. Reese and I was thankful for his assessment of her injury. I trust Dr. Reese and highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain. Jamie P. Trabuco Canyon, CA

During a recent visit to Dr. Reese I informed him of some pain that I was experiencing in my shoulders. The pain made it hard to sleep and very uncomfortable to even raise my arms. Dr. Reese diagnosed the problem and recommended exercises to relieve the pain. After a short period of time doing these exercises I am virtually pain free! What a relief!!!  Thank you Dr. Reese.
Kirk W.

Dr. Reese gave me back my quality of life!!! I suffered from a concussion that brought on horrible headaches. I had seen orthopedic doctors and a neurologist that just wanted to fill my body with prescription drugs. During a two month period I was given soma, Vicodin, flexeril, gabapentin and meloxicam. No wonder we have a prescription drug epidemic in this country. I refused to fill my body with these toxins and decided to take an alternative route and visit Dr. Reese. Within two weeks my headache was gone. He saved my life and gave me back the opportunity to be a mom. In addition he taught me how to center my self and heal my whole body. I highly recommend him he knows his stuff and his staff is involved, concerned and made themselves available to me at all hours of the day. I can't thank them enough!! Please don't live with pain go see Dr.Reese.

Kellie Z, Midway City, CA

Maintainers (Patients who choose to come usually every 4-6 weeks)

I want to let Dr.Reese know that my right leg is doing soo much better after the adjustment yesterday. I've been limping around for two weeks since the fall I had. My overall wellness is doing good to. I hope is to make people aware of how Chiropractic can help after you've had trauma to an area such as from a fall.

C. Holmes. Huntington Beach, CA

If you're looking for a chiropractor that's friendly, supportive and down to earth, then look no further. Dr. Reese is all of those things plus more. Over the years I've been seeing him for my injury, I've come to understand much more about how the body works and just how important the job that he does is. He's not only an expert in his field, but I consider him a friend too.

I've seen Dr. Reese for the last ten years for a variety of ailments and he's always been wonderful in fixing all my aches and pains. I recently saw him for a shoulder issue that was painful and prevented me from getting any sleep. I was able to make an appointment right away and he was able to treat the issue,  I felt so much better right away. Dr. Reese has been a great doctor all these years. He is kind. attentive and he truly cares about you both as a person and a patient. Thank you Dr. Reese.

Catherine B. Lakewood, CA

John L. Lakewood, CA

Going to Dr.Reese has made my life better in so many ways, Every visit brings new and different results. More energy,less pain.An overall more balanced feeling.Living with scoliosis is sometimes difficult and uncomfortable.Every visit brings relief .Thank you Dr.Reese!!!!! (Sharon has been treating with Dr. Reese for over 20 years :)

Sharon M. Garden Grove, CA

Dr. Reese has been my chiropractor of choice for over 18 plus years. I came to him with an old football injury to my mid back. Dr. Reese was able to reset my back into the right placement and did what other chiropractors were unable to do. I just recently came back after 7 years to set my back straight again. He has my trust and loyalty to always fix what is possible and charge a reasonable price.

Best wishes.

Jeff B


Dr. Reese,

You have provided me chiropractic services for more than 25 years. These services have provided relief for chronic lower and upper back/neck pain, headaches, sciatic relief, as well as shoulder and hip therapy after sports injuries. I especially appreciate the opportunity to use your services on an "as needed" basis with very short lead time appointments. This was very important when I was working. I also consider your fee schedule to be very fair.

Thanks for all your help over these many years. Don K

Long Term Patients 

Shout out to OC Chiro!  Russel Reese is the best of the best!  
I have come in with hip issues, back issues, neck, shoulder issues you name it and now a slight tear in my meniscus.   Honestly, Russell Reese has helped me more than my Ortho and Physical therapy.   I cannot thank you enough for always providing me with relief of symptoms or just adjustments to keep me aligned.  
My job is  little hectic at times and he has been flexible with my schedule (so grateful).
I can't thank you enough Dr Reese!  Blessed to be referred to you years ago.   If you need a Chiropractor, do yourself a favor and come see OC Chiro you will not be disappointed.  Mind/body/spirit it does not get better than that!  Thank you just left feeling like I never had a meniscus problem at all.- Tracy P.

Over a year ago, my carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand had worsened, which was chronic over the past several years.  The pain was so bad in fact that I couldn't sleep without waking up to feel pinching and throbbing on my wrist.  I had problems holding onto objects with a tight grip.  Surgery was not an option.  Let's face it, I was afraid of the knife.  I was hoping to naturally heal.  Dr. Reese provided me with his treatments and recommendations - a combination of his "healing hands" to reduce the crepitus on my wrist and at-home ice baths to reduce the swelling.  He educated and guided me on how the spine plays an important role for our whole body.  So he introduced me to use a foam roller to strengthen and align my back.  Over a year later, not only is my hand essentially pain-free, but I also have better posture, more energy and vitality.  Thank you Dr. Reese for all you have done!  God bless you. - William W.

I had terrible migraines before getting adjustments with Dr. Reese. As many, I was reluctant on going to a chiropractor for migraines but I was wrong.  After getting my body back aligned, my migraines slowly disappeared.  I haven't had a migraine in several years now and I am making my routine appointments every 6 weeks so it doesn't happen.  If I feel my neck gets tight I go in and come out feeling great. Judy G

Dr. Reese cured my shoulder pain! I live in LA and drive all the way down to Huntington Beach to see Dr. Reese. I tried finding another chiro closer to home and had a terrible experience. I learned my lesson. Dr. Reese is worth the drive! Dr. Reese combined heat, a little massage, and with just one adjustment he was able to fix my shoulder!

Dr. Reese has helped my entire family through numerous injuries and surgeries. He is able to properly identify the source of a problem and resolve the issue in a sustainable way.
If you're looking for a chiro, look no further! Dr. Reese is the best! Jodi W. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Reese is the best chiropractor I've ever been too. I had shoulder and back pain due to an traffic accident, he was able to correct the damage done by the impact of the accident. He is very professional, has a caring attitude and is very knowledgeable. His staff is also very caring and competent. It's always very relaxing to go in for a treatment, I feel very blessed that I was able to find him. My mother has been a patient since 1998 and refers everyone she knows for treatments.. Thank you again Dr. Reese :) Connor M, Westminster, CA

I have been a patient of Dr Reese for 20 years now. I first went to see him because he was close by and, more importantly, cheap! I don't see him often, but when I do it's because I need help and NOW.

Yesterday was the proximate stimulus to write this review. I had hurt my lower back lifting a barbell the previous evening and my left sacroiliac joint had subluxated. In English that means debilitating pain that will not abate until it's fixed. I have had this problem before too many times as the result of a childhood injury, so I know what it feels like. Since I now live in Hollywood, and I get around on MetroRail and my bike, the thought of riding the Red Line to the Blue LIne to Long Beach, then riding 15 miles on my bike with a subluxated sacroiliac joint did not sound appealing at all, so I found yet another local chiropractor (number 3), who knew what was wrong "when you walked in the door." I was quickly informed that I had a herniated intervertebral disc between my fifth and sixth lumbar vertebrae that had been there for 30 years. I was quickly rolled (first physically and then for cash), and I heard a bunch of things crunch. Not the right one of course, but a bunch of others. I was told to return every day until it resolved.

Within 15 minutes I was on MetroRail, and about three hours later I hobbled into Dr Reese's office. I described the problem to him, and he as always took his time and carefully examined me. He performed his adjustment, then again, and yet again. I have always been difficult to adjust, as he can attest, but I also knew this thing had to move today or I wouldn't be able to work tomorrow. Undaunted, the doctor spent several minutes manipulating my left leg, then applied pressure to a couple of tiny spots in my groin, which incidentally hurt like crazy. Then he let me relax for a minute, picked up my left leg by the foot, and gave my leg a slight tug (he had yanked it a couple of times before without result). Miraculously, I heard and felt the joint go back into place. And that was that.

I rode my bike back to Long Beach, except I went out of the way to go to WalMart so the ride was more like 25 miles. I eventually got home, took a couple of aspirin, and went to bed. I awoke at 7AM, got out of bed and went to work as usual. I have NO PAIN. I am COMPLETELY CURED FROM ONE VISIT, AS USUAL.

I once told Dr Reese that he is very different from most chiropractors. With most chiropractors (and I've been to so many), if anything moves it's an accident, and if the right thing moves it's a miracle. But with this man it's not a miracle, because it happens over and over. Not once, not twice, not five times. Every time for over 20 years. When I moved to Elko, Nevada and I hurt my back, I had a friend drive me 750 miles to LA to see this doctor. If I have to walk from Hollywood next time, I will. I've had it with throwing my money away on others. Never again.

If you've been to chiropractors, even ten of them in a row, and you haven't gotten relief, please don't give up on chiropractic. It really works! Just give up on your chiropractor, and go see Dr Reese.  Robert D. Los Angeles, CA

OChiro- Dr. Reese, is great! My husband has gone to him forever and had told him I was having some issues and had just spent a bunch of money on medical tests. Dr. Reese came out to the waiting room and asked me to come back and talk for a minute. After describing my issues and all the tests that had come back with negative results, he asked if he could feel my neck. I had never had a chiropractic adjustment before and was a little hesitant. After 1 adjustment, I felt like a new person. After he explained what was going on in my neck, in terms I could understand, it made total sense to me that this was the root of all my other issues. I am now able to notice when my neck and shoulder start to move and can always get an appointment, even on short notice, before it gets too bad. Our kids even go to Dr. Reese! Whether your issues are injury, stress, or sports  related, OC Chiro is the place to go. Courtney G. Huntington Beach, CA

I am a big guy, size wise and pretty strong to it can be hard to find somebody able to deal with that! But Dr. Reese has the strength, technique, knowledge and skills to work on me Without Hurting Me! That has not always been the case I have been treated by others who have had to work so hard to adjust me they Just Hurt me... Dr. Reese has spent time showing me different stretches and exercises to help me as well as Really take the time to ask about things you may not realize might connect to the problem. I can see him as little or as much as I may need Without Problem Very Good and Caring Person Dr. Reese and Very good at what he does as well as his whole staff! Definitely Recommend this practice if you are in need of a Chiropractor.... Robert S. Westminster, CA

I will gladly write thIis review for Dr. Reese! He is one of the most caring and honest doctors I've ever met. He treats his practice the way I think all health care professionals should--it's all about he patient, and he will work with you to find the best course of action to make you feel better. He has always made it clear that my health was of utmost importance. And all of his staff are so nice. Not once have I talked to someone who sounded annoyed by my questions, and they always know who I am when I call.

Aside from that, he is also a really good at his job! I used to get these annoying headaches all the time. I was talking to a friend who told me I needed to go see her chiropractor. I was apprehensive, because I had never been to one before. I saw Dr. Reese and few times over a couple of weeks and before I knew it, my headaches were gone.

Years later, I still see the doctor on a regular basis. If I don't go for a while, I don't feel right. I consider my appointments my way of treating myself to something just for me. The office is so relaxing and comforting to me now. I always look forward to laying with the heat pads on my back and letting the stress vanish. Every time he fixes something, he explains what and why and doesn't even mind if I ask questions about anything. He's seen me on super short notice, or stayed late when I did something dumb and hurt myself. Dr. Reese always takes a moment to connect and ask how I am; he's ALWAYS in a good mood!!  Yvette B. Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Reese has treated my family and me for over ten years. There is no one else I would trust. He sees us on an "as needed" basis and he and his staff are always friendly and ready to help. Whether it is my kid's with sports-related injuries or my husband and me needing adjustments that come with age...we always leave OC Chiro and Dr. Reese armed with knowledge and feeling better!! Christine M. Huntington Beach, CA

I have been going to Dr. Reese for over three years. I am 15 and have had headaches that were as a result from a gymnastic incident. My headaches were so bad that they would last for days. I think I get one a month, if that anymore. The intensity of them has subsided and he has taught me how to stretch which helps to keep them from developing into a severe headaches. Also, I was having hip problems and he has helped me with adjustments that help to keep me in alignment. Molly B. Garden Grove (Teenage Patient)


TMJ treatment success 

I have been going to Dr. Reese for over 1 year for treatment on my right arm, neck and back with tremendous results. He saved me from having to have surgery on my elbow. I never thought to mention my ongoing TMJ and jaw pain related to stress to him. But last week it was bothering me so much, I told him about it. He worked on it once and I had immidiate relief!

Thank you Dr. Reese.

Melissa C.


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