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There are patients who have achieved sought after relief in one visit, and have found no need to return (See more ). We have patients, that in addition to pain relief, received additional follow-up visits to restore lacking mobility* -with other patients interested in attaining strength and yet some seek even more comprehensive education- that includes advice on nutrition and exercise- and have visited us regularly for treatments for nearly a quarter of a Century*. 

No matter what type of patient you choose to become, at the end of the day..education is key. 

 OC Chiro knows that pain relief is the first thing patients desire; however, we also know that understanding how and why you sought treatment in the first place- and what you can do about it on your own if the condition returns - is equally important. 

 •How did it get to be a problem? 

 •What can you change to prevent the problem from re-occurring? 

 •What can you do -as far as stretches, exercise, heat or cold etc...to help yourself if the condition does return? 

 Dr. Reese Your Huntington Beach Chiropractor, Provides Chiropractic Care that Relieves Back Pain, Headaches, Neck pain, and More!


 The liberation of being Self-Reliant, to manage your own symptoms, without the need of treatment or care, is one of the most empowering moments an individual can experience. We want this for you! 

 We look at our patients as being more Well, than ill. Our mission is to simply assist a patient in getting their natural given health back on line - through as few visits as necessary. 

 Our patients, no matter if they visit us once or choose to maintain their health with us over time, deserve our undivided attention. That is why our lengthy treatment times are by appointment only. The time our doctors spend with you is exclusively yours. On your first visit (See More) your treatment, if decided, will include.. muscle therapy, moist heat packs and joint manipulation as necessary- as well as, education and helpful stretches as indicated. 

 You are important, and we truly are here for you. Even if you choose elsewhere for treatment, please choose to be educated in the most important classroom available- your own body. 

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